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Non Clinical Career Paths

What is a non-clinical job opportunity?

“Non-clinical roles are those which do not provide any type of medical treatment or testing. Non-clinical roles include medical billers and coders, transcriptionists, hospital executives, receptionists, and anyone who works behind the scenes at a hospital such as human resources, IT, biomedical technicians, administrative assistants, etc. Some non-clinical workers do interact with patients but do not actually provide medical care. There are a lot of other non-clinical roles in the medical industry such as medical transcriptionist, pharmaceutical representative, biomedical engineering, medical recruiter, and medical device sales.” Taken from a blog written by Andrea Clement Santiago on

The Bachelor of Health Science in Health Science Degree offers several career paths. Roughly 40% to half of our students who earn the BHS in Health Science degree will choose a non-clinical career path post-graduation. Non-clinical positions that recent BHS in Health Science graduates have obtained include Healthcare IT Consultant (@ Cerner), Sales Representative, Recruiter, Patient Service Representative, Patient Care Technician, Account Manager, Business Development Representative, and Research Coordinator/Assistant. Use the resources below to explore more non-clinical options available. We also recommend scheduling an appointment with Career Services to discuss the topic more in depth.

Career & Position Exploration

Entry Level Positions for Non-clinical Job Seekers (Health Science & Public Health)

Positions Obtained by Recent Graduates

View a searchable list of positions obtained by recent BHS in Health Science graduates.