What is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is a short-term experience that can last an hour or a day that gives you an opportunity to learn more about careers or occupations that interest you. It also give you the opportunity to “pick the brain” of the individual you are shadowing to learn more about the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work in the field.

Why Job Shadow?

Job shadowing helps many students discover a new field fit for them. Shadowing can also help students realize what they thought they wanted to do may not be the right fit, so they continue to explore professions. When classes feel rough, shadowing can reinvigorate you by helping you remember your passion. Also, don’t forget, most competitive professional programs require job shadow hours.

How do I Shadow?

You have to pick a career you would consider then reach out to family, friends, Mizzou faculty/staff/alumni, and other professionals doing work of interest to you. Networking can be very helpful in your search! To learn more about how to arrange a shadow experience, check out this Job Shadow Graphic!

Shadow at MU Health Care!

MU Health Care offers a Job Shadow Program for individuals interested in learning about specific careers at MU Health Care facilities. This is a great experience for students exploring careers in healthcare. Professionals that can be shadowed include doctors, dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacy techs, physician assistants, and more.

Shadow at Boone Hospital Center!

Boone Hospital Center here in Columbia offers a Job Shadow Program as well.