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SHP Hosts First Interprofessional Education Day

Posted in School of Health Professions

Collaboration is key.  And the first step to collaboration is awareness of who is available to connect with and how. This was the main message of the MU School of Health Professions’ first-ever Interprofessional Education Day, or IPE Day. Earlier this week, first-year students from the departments of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound and Athletic Training met for a full morning of activities where they learned more about the other disciplines, how important it is to communicate with one another, and areas in which they could work together for the good of their patients. Lea Ann Lowery, SHP’s faculty fellow for Interprofessional Education, spearheaded the event, with help from other faculty members in each of the programs. One station included a Pictionary-type game, where the students had to draw different health professionals, and learned how important and sometimes challenging communicating effectively...

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