Clinical Education is a major component of the Mizzou Athletic Training Program. Students complete five clinical education experiences in which they practice and integrate athletic training skills under the supervision of a preceptor. While interacting with a variety of patient populations, students hone their clinical decision making skills and develop the personal attributes needed to be a successful athletic trainer. Over the five semesters, students practice in a variety of clinical settings including high schools and colleges as well as traditional health care settings. During the second year in the Master of Athletic Training Program students will complete two immersive clinical rotations allowing the students to be fully integrated into the practice setting.

Clinical Education Progression

As students progress through the five clinical experiences they are expected to exercise increasing amounts of clinically supervised responsibility. Through these experiences, students will gain real-time opportunities to practice and integrate athletic training knowledge and clinical skills, including decision making, into all aspects of patient care.

A variety of clinical sites are used to allow each athletic training student a wide range of experiences. Students are exposed to a variety of injuries, illnesses and conditions during their clinical experiences. Sites include multiple intercollegiate athletics settings, high school athletics, recreational & club sports, non-sports patient populations, and various health care settings. During each of these experiences, students are provided a preceptor who is responsible for the student’s clinical experience over the identified length of time.

During the second year in the Master of Athletic Training Program the student will participate in two immersive clinical experiences. These rotations may be completed locally or outside of mid-Missouri with program approval. The immersive experience is designed to expose the athletic training student to the totality of athletic training clinical practice. During this time students will participate in limited didactic coursework in order to be fully integrated into all of the day to day aspects of their clinical practice setting.