Health Professions Strategic Communication and Marketing Office

The Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing supports the mission and vision of the School of Health Professions and its departments, programs and offices. We support school and campus strategic priorities, in addition to serving as strategic partners in marketing and communication activities throughout the school.

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Areas of Excellence

Advertising: We can assist with budgeting, planning, negotiating and purchasing media. We can also create advertisements for media.

Content Creation: Are you thinking of creating a flyer, brochure, video, Facebook/Twitter outreach, or newsletter? Contact us first, please! Our office should review/approve publications created by School of Health Professions departments and programs to ensure they are compliant with campus identity and brand standards. Ideally, we’ll help you plan and create content that’s on-brand, strategic and effective.

Event Support: While we are not event planners, our office can help with event promotion and publicity, including coordination with campus partners to amplify coverage. If your event audience includes alumni, we’ll also include Michelle Custer, advancement officer. If your event is a major campus event, you may wish to also use resources from the MU Conference Office. For most events, please allow 60 days for the most effective promotion and publicity. Contact the Building Coordinators for reserving the Lewis/Clark lobby or courtyard.

Flyers: Our office should review/approve flyers created by School of Health Professions departments and programs. Building coordinators are responsible for tracking which flyers are approved to post in specific locations throughout Lewis and Clark Halls.

Marketing/Communication Planning: We develop and implement the strategic communication plan for SHP, and can create custom plans for departments, programs, events, special projects, etc. For major events, please allow 60 days.

Media Relations: We work with the MU News Bureau to promote Health Professions stories to members of the media. In addition, we serve as the first point of contact for media inquiries. If you are contacted by a member of the media, or are interested in media training, please contact us.

Photography and Videography: If you require faculty and staff head shots or would like to request event coverage by a photographer, contact us to discuss options. We can facilitate hiring a freelance photographer or videographer when internal options are not available. If you are looking for stock images, please check our online photo gallery.

Promotional Items: Perplexed by campus and health system identity standards? Need a vector file of the logo? No problem — we can help you through it.

School-wide Materials: Our office develops and produces school-wide materials and supports school-wide efforts and activities in the strategic plan, including: advancement, alumni relations and recruiting. If you have content you’d like us to include in school-wide communications, let us know.

Web Support: We create and support web pages for the school, departments and programs, and, occasionally, individual faculty members, labs and projects when there is significant research or creative work to be shared. Please contact us to help maximize your web presence.


Telling the Health Professions Story

We have the best stories at Mizzou — and it’s our job to make sure those stories get to the right people. Do you have news to share? Let us know! Not everything warrants a major media push or a fully produced video, but we do our best to develop the content that’s appropriate for the story, and distribute it. At a minimum, most stories find a home in our internal newsletters, web sites and social media.

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Resources for Health Professions Faculty and Staff

University-branded templates (authentication required)

Photo release forms and privacy information

Mizzou brand identity standards

Guidelines for personal use of social media

Mizzou-branded social media accounts

Logos and unit signatures: Please email us for custom sizes and file formats.

Michelle Custer, alumni association and advancement liaison

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