The School of Health Professions (SHP) cares deeply about the effects of climate on every person’s ability to live, work, study, innovate, serve and thrive on this campus. At SHP, we strive to foster an inclusive and diverse community of people and cultures. Therefore, SHP is committed to:

  • Improving the health and well-being of all people;
  • Creating an inclusive health care work force as diverse as the populations we serve;
  • Empowering faculty, staff, students and alumni to create healthier inclusive communities.

As health professionals, it is our job to care for patients; moreover, as human beings it is our duty to respect others without exception. SHP students leave our school and become health care providers for a diverse population. They will take an oath to care for others in need without bias. All students, faculty, and staff of SHP deserve an educational experience and a workplace that holds the same promise.


Check out SHP’s Diversity and Inclusion work, communication, and committees through the below links:

SHP Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter

Dean’s Ad Hoc Committee on Inclusion

DHS Diversity and Inclusion Committee

For questions, suggestions, or concerns contact the SHP

Diversity & Inclusion Graduate and Research Assistant

Sarah L. Hairston
Lewis 420
Office Hours: M, T, & W from 10 am – 3 pm


2017-2018 Diversity and Inclusion Activity:

Spring 2018:

Fall 2017:

  • Celebrated the first SHP Diversity and Inclusion Week. Click HERE.
  • The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matched funds from the Dean’s Office to hire a graduate student devoted to improving inclusion and diversity at SHP. 

Summer 2017: Unveiled the new SHP Inclusion and Diversity Traveling Resource Library which contains books and movies for the continuing education of faculty and staff.


See SHP’s Diversity & Inclusion Audit for previous activity.

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