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$250,000 grant awarded for transgender health study

Jan. 10, 2021 

Congratulations to Loren Bauerband, assistant professor in the Department of Health Sciences, who was recently awarded a $250,000 research grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.   

Bauerband studies health equity issues for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. This project will look more specifically at gender transition milestones — for example, realizing one’s transgender identity, disclosing one’s identity to others and taking gender affirming medical steps — and how factors such as age and the length of time between those milestones could affect a person’s health in the future.  

The grant is also investigating how these milestones may have changed across generations. The next step is to understand whether these differences result in different health needs and outcomes between generations of transgender individuals.  

Bauerband is using data from the U.S. Transgender Survey, collected by the National Center for Transgender Equity, which includes answers from almost 28,000 respondents about their lives and experiences as trans people.  

Claire Altman and Adrianne Frech, both Health Sciences associate professors, are co-collaborators with Bauerband on the projects associated with this grant.  

“This grant is only possible because of Dr. Altman and Dr. Frech’s collaboration,” Bauerband said. “They used their expertise in population health to assist in formulating these research questions.”