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ASHA Presentations 2019

SLHS faculty and students participated and presented at ASHA November 23-25, 2019. See a list of presentations below – faculty names are in bold, students are underlined.

Technical Sessions, Panel Seminars

Kim, D., Kuruvilla-Dugdale, M., & Mefferd, A.A comparison of stressed and unstressed segment production in talkers with Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. [technical]

Kelley, E., Spencer, T., Foster, M., Artman Meeker, K., & Duran, L. Integration is Key: Extending the Effects of SLPs’ Language Interventions into the Classroom. [panel seminar] 

Kelley, E., Goldstein, H., Peters-Sanders, L., Soto, X., Seven, Y., Madsen, K., & Hull, K. Feasible Strategies for Building Vocabulary Knowledge and Comprehension Skills in At-Risk Preschoolers. [panel seminar]

Kelley, E. & Bridges, M. Evidence-Based Literacy Practices in Schools: What SLPs Need to Succeed. [panel seminar]

Poster Sessions

Lisenbee, J., Wagovich, S., Kelley, E., & Eubank, A. Role of Executive Function in Explicit Word Learning by Preschool Children with Typical Language.

Roettgen, G., Kelley, E., Hadley, E., Goldstein, H. More Than Nouns or Verbs: Choosing Vocabulary Targets Based on Word Characteristics.

Eubank, A., Wagovich, S., Kelley, E., Brown, B., & Anderson, J. Relation Between Word Learning, Executive Function & Attention in Preschool Children: A Preliminary Analysis.

Threlkeld, K., Kendrick, R., Wagovich, S., & Kelley, E. Relationship Between Nonspecific Verb Use and Executive Function Skills.

Ofoe, L., Anderson, J.D., & Wagovich, S.A. Working Memory and Conversational Language Production in Childhood Stuttering.

Anderson, J.D., & Wagovich, S.A. Complex Memory Span in Preschool Children Who Stutter.

Kaake, B., Anderson, J.D., & Wagovich, S.A. Sustained Attention Skills in Young Children Who Stutter.

Tippit, E., Zhang, A., & Dietrich, M. Relative fundamental frequency during vocal loading using sentence repetition.