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Student Perspective: Virginia Kruse

My name is Virginia Kruse, and I’m a sophomore from Kansas City, Mo. I am a student ambassador for the School of Health Professions, and I’m majoring in health science with an emphasis in rehabilitation science with plans to pursue physical therapy.

When I came to Mizzou, I was nervous about getting lost in the big lecture classes and not having anyone to turn to for help. However, I was so surprised to find how passionate all of my professors were about wanting to make us as successful as possible. In every class, my professors clearly express how much they want students to come to their office hours and get help if they need it. They also keep us updated about the help sessions the academic success center hosts for the class. I have been surprised with how focused Mizzou has been on making sure that each student does not feel alone or without resources to help them succeed in their classes.

Coming to such a large school, the academics were what I was most worried about. I thought professors would care more about their research than the students. I have been thrilled to find that to not be the case. I am so happy with Mizzou and the resources the university provides for the students to reach their highest potential.