Dr. Rachel Proffitt, a guest on “Rehabilitative Medicine” show

On Oct. 14th, Dr. Rachel Proffitt was interviewed on the radio show ‘Rehabilitative Medicine’ with Dr. Jonathan Whiteson (Channel 110, SiriusXM).

They discussed the general process of rehabilitation after a person experiences a stroke and the role that occupational therapy plays in that recovery process, as well as what happens when people post-stroke go back home. Proffitt’s newly funded R21 is seeking to impact that phase of rehabilitation and recovery. She spoke about the impetus for the project and where they are at currently in their research process.

Proffitt was hopeful for the potential impact of the research on both the individuals post-stroke and the ability for occupational therapists to provide more customized, precise treatments.

Congratulations to Dr. Proffitt for this national coverage of her OT research!