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New Program Accelerates Path to OTD

OTD 3 + 3 Program graphic

The School of Health Professions is proud to announce a new program in which students can earn their Bachelor of Health Science and Occupational Therapy Doctorate in six years.

This new program is for current and future health science students considering Occupational Therapy as a career path. The OTD 3+3 Program is a combined six-year program in which students begin taking OT courses once 90 credit hours have been completed, and earn both their Bachelor of Health Science and Occupational Therapy Doctorate.

The OTD is the terminal degree in Occupational Therapy and represents the growing knowledge required to practice OT proficiently and the change in requirements for education accreditation.

In the new program, health science students will apply to the OTD program after completing 60 credit hours. Accepted students will begin taking OT courses after completing 90 credit hours. Applications will open in July 2020 and courses begin in June 2021, as students enter their final year of undergraduate studies.

Dr. Tim Wolf, department chair of Occupational Therapy, said, “We are committed to providing the highest quality education to our students and we are proud to make this transition at a time when it benefits a vast majority of students who want to purse the terminal degree in occupational therapy.”

The Mizzou OTD degree program is an affordable high-quality option, costing nearly 60% less than other doctoral programs in the region. “The new 3+3 model offers students the opportunity to complete the degree one year faster, saving money and accelerating the time to clinical practice for our graduates,” Wolf said.

Find out more about the OTD, or contact an SHP advisor!

Story by Emma Bergstrom