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2019 Scholarship & Awards Banquet

5 scholarship and awards banquet recipients

The 2019 SHP Scholarship and Awards Banquet honored and celebrated those who help us achieve our mission of improving the health and well-being of others.  We’re proud of our reputation for innovation and excellence in teaching; our growth in industry-leading, translational research; and our commitment to outreach and service that benefits the 

people of our communities and our state. Below, find a list of today’s honorees and check out our online photo album! 

scholarship and awards banquet

Student Leadership

Sigma Eta Rho President: Sydney Dillon

Sigma Eta Rho Vice President: Haley Kamykowski

Student Council President: Caroline Robison

Student Council Vice President: Kevin Schmitz


Academic Excellence

Excellence in Ultrasound Undergraduate: Abbey Martin

Excellence in Ultrasound Graduate: Emily Rail 

DMU Scholastic Award Undergraduate: Taylor Walter

DMU Scholastic Award Graduate: Sarah Kindle

SLHS Outstanding Graduate Students: Raina Bueno, Mary Salazar, Alexa Ethridge

SLHS Outstanding Undergraduate Students: Alexandra Linderer, Allison Walker

DHS Award for Academic Achievement: Mavis Coffman

PT Raymond E. Hogue Founders Scholarship: Kristin Burnett

AT Oliver J DeVictor Award: Caroline Bass

AT Fred Wappel Award: Jake Coffman

AT Rex L. Sharp Rookie of the Year: Kendyl Boone

OT Marilyn Blanke Braschler Outstanding Student Award: Joy Heady

OT Tribute Award – Academic Achievement: Breanna Carter 

OT Tribute Award – Professional Development: Brian Herr

OT Graduate Synthesis Award: Evan Duft, Audrey Imhoff, Hailey Slater

DHS Internship Supervisor of the Year: Kelli Stockton

DHS Intern of the Year: Courtney Musket

DHS Distance Learning Award: Katherine Hurst

AT Preceptor of the Year: Alison Mosel


Clinical Excellence

Oliver Award for Clinical Excellence: Elise Hodel (DMU Undergraduate), Hannah Oliver (DMU Graduate), Kendall Ward (Nuclear Medicine), Kelsey McCulley (Respiratory Therapy), Lauren Henry (Radiography)

OT Tribute Award – Clinical Practice: Kyle Faulkner

SLHS Outstanding Undergraduate Preschool Clinician: Megan Hakenewerth, Kennedi Keyes

SLHS Accent Modification and Pronunciation Program Outstanding Clinicians: Alexandra Linderer, Taylor Wiseman

SLHS Outstanding Graduate Student – Clinical Achievement: Jaclyn Johnson, Kendall Miller

RT James Whitacre Compassionate Care Award: Alejandra Hoyos-Escobar

AT Dr. James M. Baker Award: Alex Castulik

OT Mary Alice Woods Scholarship for Outstanding Clinical Performance: Kayleen Brady


Excellence in Service

DMU Spirit of Achievement Undergraduate: Alex Waskey

DMU Spririt of Achievement Graduate: Amanda Matlock

DHS Spirit of Achievement Award: Anna Pfeiffer

RT Sentec Respiratory and Critical Care Leadership Award: Sam Davis

RT Program Director’s Award for Community Service: Heidi Greener

PT Stacey Bragg Memorial Scholarship: Ebony Johnson

DHS Truman Award: Margaret Boul

Nuclear Medicine Student Ambassador Award: Nola Tran

AT Glen L McElroy Award: Meg Rogers

OT Diana Baldwin Leadership and Advocacy Award: Rebecca Schroeder

OT Unsung Hero Award: Casey Ladlie, Micaela Nettleton, Jessica Taddeo


SHP Schoolwide Awards

SHP Service Scholarship: Camryn Hunt

SHP Undergraduate Research Award: Erin Tippit (faculty mentor Maria Dietrich)

SHP Diversity Award: Sylvanna Robinson, Eboni Acoff, China Glenn, Melanie Graves, Emma Gunnar


State and National Association Awards

MSHA Outstanding Graduate Technical Session: Mary Salazar

MSHA Outstanding Undergraduate Technical Session: Erin Tippit

MSHA Outstanding Undergraduate Student Poster: Erin Tippit

MPTA Outstanding Physical Therapy Student Award: Jill Lucas

DMU Frederick Sample Research Competition First Place: Katie Partridge


University of Missouri Awards

Student Activities Programming Board Unsung Hero Award: Anna Pfeiffer

MU Award for Academic Distinction: Sonia Clark


Donor Awards and Scholarships

Lois Long Scholarship: Allison Rieske

Edward K Zizmer Tiger Scholarship: Eboni Acoff

Missouri Hospital Association Scholarship: Sawsan Hasan, Kristina Norris, Kayla Calandro

Western States Pathologists Association Scholarship: Justin Chmura

Missouri Socity of Pathologists Scholarship: Kristina Norris

BRACCO Outstanding Student Award: Courtney Dunnerman, Lauren Henry

Richard E. and Carol B. Oliver Scholarship: Jayme Reynolds

Mary Sebacher Scholarship: Derek Bischof

Nancy Fay Scholarship: Makiyah Thurman

Shirley Patterson/Eva Trumbower MSHA Travel Award: McKenzie Kist, Raina Bueno

Christopher Griffith Scholarship: Paige Gutierrez, Jill Lucas, Paige Nelson

Diversity and Excellence in Radiography Scholarship: Cianna Demings, Nicki Chambers

Briedwell Spirit of Compassion Scholarship: Kaitlyn Stump, Erin Lynch

John & Janet Farmer Endowment to Advance the Health Professions: Katie Threlkeld

Schaal Family Endowed Scholarship: Shannon Henderson

Marilyn Sanford Hargrove Scholarship: Mary Klarsch

SHP Student Ambassador Scholarship: Clayton Simkins


SHP Alumni Organization Awards & Scholarships

Undergraduate Student Engagement Award: Jenna Lawler

Graduate Student Engagement Award: Katie Partridge

Excellence in Mentoring Award: Matthew Krause (CSD ’97)

Alumni Citation of Merit: Robert Shaw (RT ’82)

Outstanding Young Alumni Award: Dana Chole (PT ’14)

Undergraduate Scholarship: Shane Whitehead

Graduate Scholarship: Kennedi Keyes