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SLHS Students, Faculty Earn Honors at State Conference

The recent Missouri Speech-Language Hearing Association (MSHA) conference featured awards and honors for several SLHS faculty and students. Take a look at the recap of their recent success.

MSHA Offices, Awards & Recognition

Gwen Nolan is the new MSHA President-Elect and Greta Hull was elected VP of Legislative Affairs. Leanna Lawrence served as Day Institute Chair of the 2019 Convention Planning Team and Gwen Nolan was Special Projects Chair.

Leanna Lawrence was recognized with MSHA Honors of the Association and Greta Hull was named MSHA Outstanding Clinician of the Year.

Faculty Presentations Included:

Student Awards and Presentations:

Outstanding Graduate Technical Session

Articulatory Motor Performance as a Function of Phonetic Complexity
Mary Salazar and Jessica Lisenbee
Faculty Mentor: Mili Kuruvilla


Outstanding Undergraduate Technical Session

Downward Shift in Female Vocal Fundamental Frequency: 2012-2018
Erin Tippit and Allison Jarombek
Faculty Mentor: Dana Fritz

Other Student Technical Presentations:  Mary Salazar, Erin Tippit, McKenzie Kist, Erika Murphy, Ellyn Andel, Taylor Wiseman and Brianna McCarthy.


Outstanding Undergraduate Poster

Relative Fundamental Frequency During Vocal Loading Using Sentence Repetition
Erin Tippit
Faculty Mentor: Maria Dietrich

Other Student Poster Presentations:  Jessica Catlett, Megan Kreitman, Sarah Meine, Leah Moehlenbrock, Erin Tippit, Jacqueline Loudermilk, Raina Bueno, Megan Rehmer, Mary Salazar, Kelly Fousek, Lyndsey Rector, Magdalena Schneider, Megan Kane, Kathryn Kohnen, Greta Roettgen, Allison Walker, McKenzie Kist, Katie Threlkeld