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Public Health Course Drugs and Society Addresses Current Need

In 2017 the CDC reported that 70, 237 people died of a drug overdose. The need for health professionals that understand the effects of drugs on society and the public health implications of policy has never been more necessary than now. To help address this issue the BHS in Public Health program created the course Drugs and Society. Open to all majors in Spring 2019 at Mizzou, this course is a tool to provide basic understanding of the role of legal and illegal drugs of abuse on people and the addictive processes. The major focus will be to understand the problems and opportunities for treatment and prevention relevant to current and past policy issues. Enrollment is now open for P_HLTH 4001 Section 6 Drugs and Society.

Questions about the course or about the BHS in Public Health program at Mizzou can be directed to Melissa Bedford at