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Bench Donated in Honor of Two Physical Therapy Faculty

For the past several years, Dr. Linda Randall, Professor Emerita of Biochemistry and Wurdack Chair Emerita of Biological Chemistry, has seen Physical Therapy faculty Dr. Carmen Abbott and Dr. Jeff Bridges for their services. Dr. Abbott works with Randall on some balance issues she acquired after breaking her foot, while Dr. Bridges works with her to help alleviate some back pain.

“They are both very, very impressive,” Randall said. “And being a research scientist, I like that they both explain the rationale behind why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

Dr. Randall doesn’t drive a car to and from work – she walks from her house west of campus to her office in white campus, and periodically during her walks she needs to take a break. She noticed that there are very few benches on the west side of campus, especially where Lewis and Clark are, and her idea to donate a bench in honor of Dr. Abbott and Dr. Bridges was born. The bench is located right outside Lewis Hall. 

“Carmen is wonderful, as is Jeff,” Randall said. Both have tried “all sorts of exercises” over the years to help alleviate her symptoms, which are important to keep in check given the fact that walks most everywhere.

“I see the bench every time I see Dr. Bridges,” Randall said, “And I’ve even sat on it.”