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Co-Parenting and Infant Nutrition

Dr. Wilson Majee’s overarching research goal is to explore, identify and implement place-based approaches to health and well-being of those living in resource-limited communities. This work is ¬†receiving local, national as well as international recognition.

One article [Majee, Jefferson, Goodman, & Olsberg, 2016] that examined barriers to breastfeeding after postpartum rural hospital discharge, and how local breastfeeding initiatives can be more responsive to the needs of mothers was summarized and published in Real Simple, a national lifestyle magazine for women:

In partnership with other experts in the field, Dr. Majee has investigated the extent to which and how parenting dyads share decision making and collaborate around infant feeding, and the role of extra-familial factors on decision making and collaboration related to infant feeding within parenting dyads. The published work [Majee, Thullen, Sethi, & Davis, 2017; Thullen, Majee, & Davis, A., 2016] was recently acknowledged by a United Kingdom based organization, The Family Initiative, summarized and published: