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May 2018 Commencement Highlights

2018 graduates

On May 13, 2018, SHP conferred 802 degrees in another record commencement ceremony. 

three students graduating
Click the image for a slideshow from commencement!

Dean Hagglund challenged graduates to accept the challenge of serving in a global community: 

“Graduates, commencement marks the successful completion of one phase of your journey as health care professionals. But it also marks your opportunity to accept a new challenge – the responsibility of continuing the legacy of teaching, service and discovery that you learned here.

I want you to know that you are ready to embrace this challenge.  You are prepared to begin demanding and exciting careers with confidence in your skills and leadership. You are prepared to take your place in a global community, in which even the smallest efforts can create a ripple effect around the world.  As you pursue your chosen path, you are paving the way for those that come after you, just as you inherited the legacy of those who came before you. Mizzou and the School of Health Professions now bear the imprint of your time here. And so I ask you now to consider: what will be your contribution to this legacy? How will you serve in our global community?”

Keynote speaker Mike Carr, an alumnus of the Respiratory Therapy program, called on graduates to give back:

“When the game is over, when the last die has been cast, when the last move on the chessboard has been made the mightiest king and the lowliest pawn both go in the same box. Nothing goes with them. All that remains is the memory of the life they led and the deeds they have done. Nothing goes with them because life is not about what you take, it’s about what you give. Give until it hurts and give a little more. By doing so you will be assured that you have done your share of the task. What a wonderful little line to have on your resume at the end of the day – I helped make the world a better place… even after I was gone.”

Photo credits: Shane Epping