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Elizabeth Kelley Receives Kristofer and Lori Hagglund Early Career Award

The Kristofer and Lori Hagglund Early Career Award was established to help support faculty who are balancing the demands of teaching, research and service. The award is selected each year by a special faculty committee, and includes a $2500 stipend for a faculty member who has not yet attained the rank of full professor and whose successes in scholarship, teaching or service have significantly advanced the mission of SHP.  

Recipient Elizabeth Kelley “has skillfully balanced research, teaching and service and found it possible to excel at all three!” She has a federally funded, interdisciplinary program of research, collects data in the context of her work with vocabulary interventions in at-risk young children in Missouri, serves on multiple SHP committees, and still manages excellence as a teacher. “Her work as a researcher, instructor and tenure-track faculty member substantially and meaningfully advance the mission of our school, and she’s making an extraordinary impact as an early-career faculty member.”

Congratulations, Dr. Kelley!