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DHP Technician Earns January Top Dog Award

The SHP Staff Advisory Council Subcommittee on staff recognition has joined together with the Dean’s office to recognize a new Top Dog each month. January’s Top Dog was David Reddan, a psychology technician nominated by the Department of Health Psychology (DHP). His colleagues would like to recognize him for the commitment he showed while helping a patient in need.

“David was testing a patient at the DHP Kansas City satellite clinic.  When lunch time came David realized the older frail patient did not have lunch nor anyone to drive him to a local restaurant for food.  David helped the patient find a small in-house café, helped the patient order food, sit with him while he ate and then helped the patient back to the testing room.  David went above and beyond his job responsibilities to help this patient. David was the face of DHP and SHP that day and represented us with great integrity.”

To nominate a colleague, email the SHP SAC with the name of the person you wish to nominate and a brief statement of why you believe this person is an SHP “Top Dog.”