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Health Sciences Student Wins Employee of the Year

This fall, Campus Dining Services’ held its third annual unit Student Employee of the Year Scholarship Contest.  Ten students were selected by their management teams for this honor, based on their reliability, quality of work, initiative, teamwork, and contribution to their employer. 

The 2018 Campus Dining Services Student Employee of the Year is Megan Clark. Megan is a junior in SHP BHS and will receive a $1,500 scholarship for this achievement.

Students nominated for the award will receive a $100 scholarship to apply to the 2018 Spring Semester. 

This year’s recipients are:

 Name                                        Unit                                    Major

 Christian Celmer                  Wheatstone Bistro               Classics

 Ngozichukwu Ibe                 Student Center                     Health Sciences

 Alexia M’Bark                        Student Center                     Fisheries and Wildlife

 Brianna McCarthy                Bookmark Café                    CSD

 McKenzie Ordway                Starbucks MU                       Linguistics and Spanish

 Alexandra Powell                 Plaza 900                              Health Sciences

 Claire Richardson                Director                                  Strategic Communications

 Kelsey Schaffrin                  Student Center                     Business Administration

 Laura Smith                          Plaza 900                              Fisheries and Wildlife