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SHP OT Student is a Rare Match

Hailey Slater, originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, an MU OT student was chosen to donate bone marrow in November of this year through DMKS. She vaguely remembered doing a cheek swab at a campus blood drive in October 2013 to be added to the international bank, but she never thought she would actually be contacted. In fact, fewer than 1% of registered donors are ever contacted to donate. Hailey was contacted with the news that she was a potential match for a young child with Lymphoma. She gave blood again to ensure a perfect match. The results to a few months to process, and when they got back to Hailey she was told that the child was not ready to receive a transplant.

Several months later Hailey was contacted saying that the child was now ready to receive the transplant.  Her family and friends were very supportive, but also nervous at first. Their questions and concerns were addressed by their DMKS coordinator and doctors at the physical. Of the experience, Hailey says,“Overall, I was nervous but very excited about this whole process. It is such an amazing thing to get to help someone in such a unique way. It gave me, even more, meaning to what a gift life really is.”

“It was a very memorable experience that I will hold onto forever.” Hailey says she would do it again “In a heartbeat!”