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SHP Graduate Saves Basketball Player’s Life

As reported by KOMU, last Saturday, the men’s South Carolina State Bulldog basketball team lost 103-71 to the North Carolina State Wolfpack, but one bulldog player almost lost more than just a basketball game.

Roughly five minutes into the game, Tyvoris Solomon exited the game for the first time, and, upon returning to the bench, he collapsed.

South Carolina State Athletic Trainer Tyler Long was one of Solomon’s first responders.

Flashback two years ago, when, dressed head-to-toe in black and gold, Long was set to receive a Health Science degree in Athletic Training from the University of Missouri. Long is now a second-year graduate assistant at the University of South Carolina while he completes his clinical work with South Carolina State University. MU Athletic Training Program Director David Colt said Long completed a three-year professional program during his time at MU, and emergency situations were, and still are, a focal point.

“Our first practicum class is emergency management,” Colt said. “We try to get as much real experience as we can, but it’s tough because you can’t create an emergency.”

Back in Columbia, a mannequin named “Sim-Man” is used to recreate emergency situations, but nothing could compare to a real emergency situation.

Nevertheless, Long knew just what to do when he was faced with one.

“I told [Long] that I loved him,” Solomon said in an interview with our sister station, WRAL. “He just said he was doing his job.”

Solomon is awake and stable in Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Colt said he was proud of Long’s responsiveness, but the result of his work was most important.

“You’re proud of the fact that he handled it well. The fact that he took what we taught him and put it to use,” Colt said. “Thankfully, the young man that was in trouble is alive, and that is the most important thing.”