SHP Diversity Library Finds New Home

In September, The SHP Committee on Diversity and Inclusion unveiled a traveling library within the School of Health Professions (SHP). This collection of books and movies will be passed along to different departments for faculty and staff members to borrow. Dr. Kristin Flynn-Peters, an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at SHP, was involved in the creation of the Diversity Library. “When faculty and staff across SHP are looking for ways to improve themselves, then ideas come together and good things happen,” said Flynn-Peters.

On November 17th, as part of SHP Diversity & Inclusion Week, the library was relocated to the Department of Physical Therapy on the 8th floor of Clark Hall. Visit the library to check out books and movies that you may not find anywhere else on campus.

 The library was compiled through suggestions from faculty and staff, and the collection contains more than 60 pieces covering a wide variety of topics. Content ranges from classic novels to social justice videos. Some pieces found in the library are quite unique and typically difficult to find, with one piece even being ordered from a foreign publisher. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Hillbilly Elegy are just some of the award-winners and bestsellers in the group.

 Movement of the library will be guided by the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.