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Holiday Decoration Safety Guidelines

Here are a few things to keep in mind when decorating your workspace this holiday season. The University rules below concerning seasonal decorations on University property are intended to promote safety.  Please check with your floor representative if you have further questions.

Fire safety:

·       All decorations should be fire retardant

·       Do not use any type of decoration with an open flame (e.g. candles)

·       Never place staples or nails through lights, power cords or extension cords

·       Make sure all illuminated items are turned off when the office is closed

·       Inspect all lights, decoration and extension cord for damage before using

 Tripping hazard:

·       Keep extension cords and power cords out of walking traffic areas

·       Do not place trees, gifts or freestanding decorations in traffic areas

·       Do not place any decorative items in the way of emergency exits or fire extinguisher access

 Please remember that some people are very sensitive to fragrances. We appreciate all attempts at keeping the workplace fragrant free.

For more information on the various celebrations taking place, check out the MU IDE Guide to Religions

 As always, thank you for your help in making Mizzou the safest workplace we can.