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SHP Alumni Panel Helps Students Find a Path Forward

The SHP Student Council and SHP Alumni Organization hosted an event on Thursday, October 26th for students to network with a panel of alumni. Panelists ranged from recent graduates to distinguished professionals that provided a broad scope of perspectives. The panel gave students tips and answered questions about job shadowing, finding your path within health professions, choosing the graduate school for you and more.

The diverse alumni panel included SHP Nuclear Medicine Program Director Dr. Jeff Galen, Member of the SHP Alumni Organization Nancy Fay and Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Practice Manager TJ Sweet. Following the panel, alumni and students were able to network and discuss their professions and professional prospects. Students spoke directly with the alumni about their career paths and goals.

The complete list of alumni panelists:

Elsa Oestreich
Kelsey Okruch
Tori Sisson
Nancy FayTJ Sweet
Jeff Galen
Bridgett Kieffer
Amy Bildner
Mackenzie Sconce