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Dr. Michelle Teti Receives Grant to Research HIV in South Africa

Dr. Michelle Teti

Dr. Michelle Teti of the Department of Health Sciences recently received a grant from the Missouri South African Education Program (UMSAEP) that will allow her to partner with Dr. Brian van Wyk of the University of Western Cape School of Public Health. Dr. van Wyk is a widely published social psychologist in the areas of risk and prevention of HIV.

Dr. Teti has experience in using a novel image-based qualitative method called Photovoice to gather information from groups with HIV in the U.S. The pair believe that Photovoice and the combination of their skills will allow them to gather information from their subjects. Their collaboration will focus on adolescents aged 15-19 years old in South Africa that are living with HIV, and their transition to adult HIV care. They hope to collect pilot data for their study and develop an NIH proposal to continue their work in the next year and a half.

Dr. Teti and Dr. van Wyk’s research aims to benefit the over 2 million adolescents living with HIV that do not receive the support they need to keep themselves and those around them healthy. In May of 2018, Dr. Teti plans to travel to South Africa for two weeks and meet with Dr. van Wyk to continue their collaboration through discussions and reviews of both of their current works, proposal plans, funding targets and local research visits. The pair hopes to submit an NIH application to continue their work by December of 2018.