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LEAP Helps Adults Improve Communication

The Language Enhancement for Adults Program (LEAP) is a new clinical program from the Department of  Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences that aims to help improve communication skills of participants, most of whom have been diagnosed with aphasia. Participants meet weekly in individual and small group settings, and as a large group once each month on- or off-site to generalize communication skills across a variety of contexts with the help of SLHS graduate students.

 For their first large group activity of the year, the group chose to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Participants were given the opportunity to practice ordering breakfast with support from sLHS graduate students as needed. Gwen Nolan, Assistant Clinical Professor and Clinical Outplacement Coordinator says that “There was a lot of laughter and a lot of talking, so it was a huge success!”

For more information on LEAP, contact the Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences.