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Dunn Keynotes Major Events in Fall 2017

Dr. Winifred Dunn has been on the road, giving invited lectures and keynotes around the country – and around the world. Take a look at her presentations from Fall 2017.

May 17-19
Ludens Center, Campinas, Brazil
3 day course
Sensory Processing in Everyday Life

June 19
Royal College of Occupational Therapy national meeting in Birmingham UK
Keynote Speaker
Sensory Processing: It only Matters in Everyday Life

June 26
National Professional Learning Institute, Orange County CA
Professional Strand presentation:
Essential Partners in Multi-tiered Systems of Support

September 22
Eastern Michigan University
Lila Spelbring Endowed Lecturer
“Normal” is overrated: Quirks Define our Individuality and Strengths Rule the Day

October 6
Division of Early Childhood national meeting
Closing Session Keynote Panel:
How Do We Engage in Collaborative Consultative Services: An Inter-Disciplinary Deep Dive Discussion

October 11
Pearson Publishing Scandinavia
Applying the Sensory Profile 2 to children’s lives at school and home

October 20-22
Neurofunctional Chile
3 day course
Incorporating Sensory Processing into Professional Practice