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A Place with Heart

SHP Associate Clinical Professor, Dana Fritz, says Mizzou is the heartbeat of her success.

Dana Fritz has done just about everything a person could do at Mizzou. Over the last 29 years on campus, Fritz has been a student, faculty member, a donor and recently, the proud parent of a new graduate.

Fritz, an associate clinical professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders, says her time at Mizzou solidified her interest in health professions, and that all of her accomplishments lead back to Mizzou.

“Mizzou is the heartbeat of my success,” Fritz said. “My fellow students inspired me when I was in school, and now my fellow professors inspire me with their creative ideas to teach the next generation and their service to the community.”

Fritz says the love for Mizzou runs deep in her family. For example, many of her favorite memories include taking her mother with her to football games. Fritz’s mother became a super-fan of the Tigers, always cheering at football games with spirit and exuberance. Fritz said that although her mother attended football games in an era when the Tigers suffered many losses, she never quit on Mizzou, even when the temperature at the stadium was sky high.

“When she was age 88, she actually passed out at a game from heat exhaustion,” Fritz said. “Even though a highway patrolman scooped her up and carried her like a sack of potatoes to the emergency crew, she was trying to talk us into taking her back to the game with an IV bag attached to her. Her true fandom amazes me.”

Fritz says the best part of working at Mizzou is building relationships with faculty, staff and students over time.

“I love that so many people here have stayed,” Fritz said. “They want to be here teaching and researching, they’re excited for the next day. That says a lot about this place.”

Fritz’s advice to incoming students is to conquer any potential awkwardness when it comes to visiting professors during office hours when they need help. She says that although email is a great communication tool, speaking with people in person is part of becoming an even better communicator.

“I’ve never met another professor who doesn’t want to talk with their students,” Fritz said. “Talk to them about what interests you—they want to listen and coach you. They like people who are curious and ready to learn. Be that person!”