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Mizzou OT Works with AOTA for Harvey Relief at TWU-Houston

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) is working to help coordinate efforts to support the OT programs who were impacted.  The needs left in the wake of Harvey have been great and AOTA is working to make sure we channel resources effectively and efficiently to help these programs.  I volunteered MU to be one of the first programs to help lead this cause and we are one of the four programs selected to respond to the first request made by Texas Woman’s University (TWU)-Houston.

TWU has reached out and said their students are their priority.  Many of them have suffered great losses in terms of personal items, school supplies, and other daily life necessities they need to get back to class.  As you know, they are students so most of them don’t have insurance or other means to replace lost items.  They have requested resources to help them replace these items and also for gasoline which has become a much more significant expense for them after the hurricane.

We are working to respond to this request and our student group, the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA), has volunteered to lead this effort.  They will be holding multiple events in the coming days/weeks to help raise money for this cause and I encourage you all to participate if you are willing with the knowledge that the funds they collect are going directly to these students at TWU.

There are 89 students in the TWU OT program and our goal is to raise $3000.  This is the largest fundraising activity that our SOTA group has ever taken on, but we in OT all stand behind them because we know that this will mean to these students and future health care professionals.

I am also asking today for direct donations.  Beth Voyles on the 8th floor of Clark will take cash or checks.  SOTA also has a PayPal account:  Any funds that are donated will be directly donated to students at TWU.

As you can imagine, time is of the essence!  We are doing everything we can to get resources to these students as soon as possible.  We appreciate any support you can provide.  If you would be willing to share this with your students and anyone else you are comfortable sharing with we would appreciate it.

Thank you