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Lewis & Clark Hall Building Security on Game Days and After Hours

 A few reminders about home football weekends:

 ·      Lock and close all office doors prior to leaving Friday. Make sure your floor is secure.

 ·      No one is to enter the buildings for any reason other than work purposes (you will be required to use your swipe card to access the building).

 ·      There will not be a security guard this weekend. If you encounter any problems, please call Campus Police at 882-7201 (we recommend you program the number in your phone for any campus emergencies).

 ·      Tailgaters will have port-a-potties available supplied by the SHP Dean’s office, they should NOT use the Lewis & Clark facilities. Even if you work in Lewis and Clark, you are asked to use the port-a-potties if you are tailgating.

 If you have to work these weekends or it is necessary to be in the building:

 ·      Carry your TigerCard (MU ID) and a business card with your work address with you at all times for identification (to prove you have an office in these buildings).

 ·      Do NOT let others into the building. All authorized individuals will have a swipe card and may use it to enter.

 ·      You are responsible for any person you escort into the buildings. Again, any entry should be for work purposes only.

 ·      Do NOT prop the door open at any time for any reason. If you see someone else prop a door open, please close the door and report it to the security guard.

 ·      If there are any incidents while you are here, inform the security guard and/or report any suspicious activity to MUPD (882-7201).

 Please make sure to close and lock all offices, labs, and lobby doors for security purposes each night. 


Thanks from your Lewis and Clark Hall Building Coordinator Team,

Lewis Hall:  Adria Koehn and Michelle McReynolds

Clark Hall:  Barbie Plummer and Lynn Herdzina