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SHP Associate Dean Reid-Arndt Elected to National Office

Dr. Stephanie Reid-Arndt, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Missouri School of Health Professions, was elected to serve as Secretary and voting member of the Executive Board of the Rehabilitation Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association. Her election as secretary of the organization comes as she completes a 3-year term as member-at-large on the Executive Board. Her new role begins in August and she will serve a three year term.

Rehabilitation Psychology (Division 22) is a specialty area within psychology that focuses on the study and application of psychological knowledge and skills on behalf of individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions in order to maximize health and welfare, independence and choice, functional abilities, and social role participation across the lifespan.

Though Dr. Reid-Arndt is no longer involved in direct patient care, in her previous work as a rehabilitation psychologist she had the opportunity to work closely with professionals from the disciplines represented in SHP: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, etc. “My colleagues in Division 22 have the same background, and the same drive to collaborate among the various rehabilitation science disciplines to optimize the care we provide to patients,” Reid-Arndt said. “Given the increasing recognition of the role that psychological/behavioral health plays in physical health and well-being, this collaborative approach is particularly meaningful for the missions and goals of each of the academic programs in SHP and informs the care we give to patients.”

Dr. Reid-Arndt’s term of service in the division comes as they are engaged in strategic planning and re-branding for the organization – initiatives designed to increase the reach of the science and practice of rehabilitation psychology in to health care. Dr. Kristofer Hagglund, Dean of the School of Health Professions said, “Dr. Reid-Arndt’s commitment to service is evident in every aspect of her role: teaching, scholarly research, clinical outreach, and giving back to her profession. Her election to this national position is a credit to her history of leadership in the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology and her broad contributions to the field of psychology.”

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