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Brainstorm Lab attends American Pain Society Conference!

Members of the Brainstorm LabĀ attended the 36th Annual American Pain Society Scientific Meeting May 17-19th in Pittsburgh, PA. During the 3-day premier pain science event, lab members attended educational talks on a variety of pain research dimensions and presented their own poster abstracts

Check them out below!

Alyssa Smith

Smith A., Weber J., Boland, K., and Craggs J. Alterations in mood are associated with dysfunction effective connectivity in the default mode network (DMN), reward and memory related brain regions in a chronic pain population. In American Pain Society, page S56-57, Elsevier, May 2017.

Kelly Boland

Boland, K., Smith, A., Weber, J., and Craggs, J. Resting State Difference Following Mood Induction in Chronic Pain. In American Pain Society, page S66, Elsevier, May 2017.

Meredith Levsen (Johnson)




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