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17 SHP Members Designated as Mentors

During Spring Commencement, 17 representatives from SHP were designated as mentors for honors college graduates. Mentors were invited to attend the Honors Convocation ceremony, held the morning of Saturday, May 12th at Mizzou Arena, where their names were announced and their dedication was applauded by graduates and families.

 Graduating with honors may have slightly different requirements across academic departments, but ultimately, it represents the same marker of challenge, perseverance, and enrichment. Students who complete 20 or more hours of courses for honors credit and maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA are eligible to graduate with an Honors Certificate.  Departments offer honors designations based on GPA, special coursework, and/or the completion of an honors senior thesis or research project.

Students may also earn Latin honors, which are based on GPA, and include Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude, all of which vary in requirements within different schools. Any student at or above Cum Laude level is invited to participate in the Honors Convocation ceremony. To earn Latin honors in SHP, students must complete at least 50 graded (A-F) credit hours at MU. Honors are determined based upon the higher of the two: cumulative MU undergraduate GPA or GPA for the last 50 hours of graded undergraduate course work at MU. GPAs are not rounded up for honors eligibility and students with a cumulative undergraduate MU GPA below 3.0 are ineligible for Latin honors.

Mentors are selected and invited to the Honors Convocation ceremony by the individual graduates themselves. Honors students are encouraged to invite a faculty mentor who played an important role in the students’ academic or professional career. Mentors can potentially support multiple students at the ceremony. The 17 mentors representing SHP will also be invited and recognized at the SHP Convocation ceremony in late August.