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Faculty Program Developed at SHP Spreads Campus-wide

What began as curiosity from one, soon turned into an opportunity for many. Evan Prost, Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, was interested in learning about how other professors organize classroom time and cultivate student interaction. After reading an article regarding a career event sponsored by Vanderbilt University, Evan was inspired to implement a similar program on Mizzou’s campus. “I was interested in observing disciplines outside my own because I imagined I would be more able to focus on the classroom process and instructional design if the content itself was less relevant or familiar to me. I assumed that other professors would have the same desire to observe and potentially gain insight by participating in a classroom observation experience,” comments Evan.

Evan shared his idea with Dr. Reid-Arndt, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the School of Health Professions, who then conferred with undergraduate deans of other colleges at MU. After logistical planning was carried out by Kelly Holtkamp, Senior Program and Project Support Coordinator for the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies, the first Tigers Teaching Tigers program at Mizzou occurred campus-wide the week after Spring Break.

Concluding the event, surveys were handed out and a debriefing meeting was held in order to gain feedback and prepare for future events. In speaking with several program participants, Evan found the experience had been valuable for their career and an interest in continuing the program existed.