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MSHA Sessions and Poster Presentations

MU logo: Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, University of Missouri

CSD Faculty and Students attended the MSHA Conference April 6-9 at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you missed any of our sessions or posters, please see the list below!


Poster Presentation Student Research Mentor MSHA Award
SP 4 (FRI) Exploring Alternative Receptive Vocabulary Scoring Sensitive to Partial Word Knowledge Kelsey Cahalan Stacy Wagovich HM Grad Poster
SP 9 (FRI) Evaluation and Treatment of Speech Disorders Associated With Cleft Palate Hannah Kinder & Nicole Banda Anne Bedwinek  
SP 33 (SAT) Relationship Between Student Behavior and Vocal Health of Student Teachers Melinda Pfeiffer & Katherine Johnson Maria Dietrich HM UG Poster
SP 39 (SAT) Therapy Strategies for Speech Disorders Associated With Cleft Palate Anna Robinson & Nicole Banda Anne Bedwinek  
SP 41 (SAT) Choosing Good Vocabulary Targets: Which Words Do Preschoolers Learn? Haley Bergman Elizabeth Kelley Outstanding Grad Poster
SP 42 (SUN) Language and Social Risk Factors for Autism in Young Infants Leslie Abney Ashleigh Boyd  
SP 43 (SUN) Medical Action Plans: Strategies for Parents to Support Medical Professionals Megan Rehard Ashleigh Boyd  
SP 53 (SUN) Variability in Intentional Increase of Intensity During Voicing Efficiency Tasks Taylor Hall Maria Dietrich HM Grad Poster
SP 54 (SUN) Use of Music to Increase Verbalizations in Children With ASD Kelsey Williams Ashleigh Boyd  
SP 64 (SUN) Do Filler Words Occur Between or Within Category Shifts? Sarah Meine Bryan Brown  


Technical Sessions

Technical Session Student Research Mentor MSHA Award
04 (FRI) Chronic Laryngeal Nerve Stimulation to Improve Swallow Function Ian Deninger Teresa Lever Outstanding UG Technical Session
07 (FRI) The Effects of Laryngeal Nerve Transection on Swallowing Function Alexis Mok Teresa Lever  
08 (FRI) A Multi-Subsystem Approach to Predicting Speech Intelligibility in Older Adults Jacob McKinley Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale & Maria Dietrich  
11 (FRI) Developing a Clinical Tool for Early Detection of Bulbar Dysfunction Elise Henn Teresa Lever  
15 (SAT) Characterization of Dysphagia Onset in a Mouse Model of ALS Kaitlyn Flynn Teresa Lever HM Graduate Technical Session
18 (SAT) Thickening Liquids for Dysphagic Infants: Achieving and Maintaining Safe Viscosities Elizabeth Bier & Dani Lake Teresa Lever  
19 (SAT) Word Complexity Effects on Tongue Motor Control Claire Custer Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale HM Graduate Technical Session
20 (SAT) Clear Speech Effects on Jaw Motor Control Abby Isabelle Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale  


One Hour Talks

Guilkey, A. & Wagovich, S. – Assessing and Strengthening Expository Language Skills in School-Age Children 

Guilkey, A. & Fritz, D. – Words on Intelligibility.