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OT Student Elected to National Leadership Position

Brian Herr is a graduate student in the SHP Occupational Therapy Program and a newly elected member of the steering committee of the American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Assembly of Student Delegates.

The American Occupational Therapy Association is the national organization for the profession of occupational therapy. The Assembly of Student Delegates (ASD) provides a way for student concerns to be heard by the organization and ensures students have effective input into AOTA affairs. Each year, ASD Representatives from multiple educational programs represent their peers at the organization’s annual conference.

Brian’s position on the assembly is one of the titles on the leadership committee. Brian will be working closely with a group within AOTA, the Commission on Practice. This group is responsible for addressing and implementing solutions for practice-related issues facing the OT Profession. The group’s primary focus is on maintaining practice standards and advocating for a health care environment that allows OT’s to be effective in their profession. “My job will be to collaborate with the individuals and offer the student perspective on practice related issues facing the profession.” Said Brian.

The assembly positions are filled annually by an election process, “My campaign for this position was somewhat unconventional,” Said Brian “I collaborated with two students from Washington University’s OT Program in St. Louis. The three of us chose different positions to run for and created a campaign plan to try and get other students to vote for us. Elections closed at the end of January and I was lucky enough to be elected!”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishing of AOTA. The organization’s annual conference and centennial celebration will be held in Philadelphia, PA in late March.

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