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SHP Staff Member Caught in the Act

Jill Diener, Coordinator, Student Records and Services at SHP, has been selected as the winner for week 2 of UM System’s Caught in the Act.

Caught in the Act is a program designed to reward faculty and staff members for demonstrating random acts of wellness such as using a standing desk, starting a walking group, or stretching after meetings. Any faculty or staff member can submit a colleague’s name via the Caught in the Act form for demonstrating a random act of wellness and each week a winner will be chosen from each of the four UM System Campuses. The winner can choose from 5 prize options, one from each of the Culture of Health priority areas.

Jill was caught in the act of following a nutrition plan called Whole30, a program that emphasizes eating whole, minimally processed foods for a 30 day period to nutritionally reset your body and identify food sensitivities.  “Through this program, I am hoping to learn more about how my body reacts to certain foods so that I can make choices that help me to feel my best.” Said Jill. “Regarding the Caught in the Act Program, I love it! It’s the reason I became a Wellness Ambassador.”

Jill was nominated by SHP Academic Advisor Sarah Anthony, who is also following the Whole30 Program, “I nominated Jill for Caught in the Act because she’s been a fabulous partner-in-crime during the program, sharing recipes, ideas, and encouragement!” Said Sarah. “I think Caught in the Act is a wonderful program! It’s a way to offer support and encouragement to others, and it’s just fun to give kudos.”

For more information on Caught in the Act and other MU Wellness Incentives, visit the UM System Total Rewards Website.