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Dean Hagglund’s Strategic Goals for 2017

Dear SHP Family:

As we begin 2017, I’d like to share with you my reflections on our recent success and our goals for the coming year. We have so many reasons to be proud. 

In 2016, more faculty and staff were recognized with campus, regional and national awards and honors than ever before.  We successfully proposed two new degree programs – a Bachelor of Health Science in Public Health and a Master of Applied Behavior Analysis – and became the administrative home for the interdisciplinary Master of Public Health program.  Our faculty members continue to develop nationally-recognized programs of research, and their efforts are reflected by nearly doubling productivity in key metrics such as grant awards. We have seen expansion of our clinical services across our departments. The state-of-the-art care by highly trained faculty and staff has established SHP as a destination for many clients/patients.  And our enrollment remained strong in 2016. Our graduate professional programs are at capacity, and our BHS in Health Science remains the most popular major on campus.

While it is important to reflect on where we’ve succeeded, we are focused on our goals for the coming year. In 2017, we will update SHP’s Strategic Plan, which we created when I started as Dean more than three years ago. My priorities are outlined below, and I would like to hear yours. Send me an email with your thoughts.

Inclusion: SHP strives to promote a culture of inclusivity so that all members of our SHP family – students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends – see they are valued in our community. We are committed to standing in solidarity with those who are marginalized and we are dedicated to creating a health care work force as diverse as the communities and people we serve. We will be intentional in our efforts to improve access to quality health care for all people. Every area of our strategic plan will reflect our dedication to these fundamental ideals.

Recruitment/Retention:  We aim to recruit and retain students, faculty and staff members who share our commitment to improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities. We strive to make our school a place to learn, serve and work that is meaningful and productive.

Innovation: We must continue to innovate through our teaching, research, clinical care and community outreach. Groundbreaking basic and applied research provides the evidence base required to implement pioneering interventions in our communities, to change the classroom experiences for students, and to move our professions forward.

Engagement / Support: SHP depends on every member of the family to support our mission. We will continue to pursue partnerships that yield scholarships, capital improvements, mentorship and advocacy that benefit all those we serve. In 2017, we each must ask “how can I help?” Whether it’s mentoring a student, visiting classes, attending career fairs or supporting scholarships, it takes each of us, giving what we can, to be successful.

For a full recap of our 2016 highlights, take a look at the 2016 Year-End Progress Report. As always, it is my great honor to lead SHP, and I look forward to serving with you in 2017.

Kristofer Hagglund, PhD, ABPP

Dean, MU School of Health Professions