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Class of 2016: What We’re Thankful For

The Mizzou ATP Class of 2016 took a moment to reflect on what they’re thankful for this thanksgiving. What would you add? Tweet us at @MizzouATP

“I am very grateful to be a Mizzou alumna! I feel going through the Athletic Training program at the University of Missouri prepared me for where I am now in PT school. I can work as an ATC on the side, but I also feel very comfortable with the material that is being covered so far because of my background in AT. When I graduate I plan to work as both a PT and ATC, and hope to lessen the divide between the two disciplines.” -Rachael Oziomek

“I am grateful for my experience because it has provided me with valuable knowledge and skills that have prepared me for graduate school.  Above all, I felt like I gained invaluable communications skills in working with patients, teachers, and other students that have greatly helped me throughout my first semester in graduate school. -Alex Flanagin 

I’m thankful for the Mizzou Athletic Training Program because it both clinically and didactically prepared me for graduate school and my athletic training endeavors. I’m also thankful for this program because I met preceptors who genuinely cared about my success and helped me achieve great things. I also established friendships with people that will undoubtedly last forever.” -Eric Jackson

“I’m beyond thankful for all of the work that the staff put in. They took so much personal time to make sure my education was top-notch; they also went the extra mile with the camaraderie we developed.”  -Chris Morse

“Thank you Mizzou ATP for all of the friends that you have given me and some memories I will never forget.” -Tyler Long

“I am grateful for my experience as an athletic training student at Mizzou because, while learning everything I need to know in order to be a successful Certified Athletic Trainer, I also became part of a family which includes my classmates, younger students in the program, an incredible faculty, as well as the athletic training staff at Mizzou. This is a family that I know has my back no matter what, and one that I would also do anything for. I miss you all!” -Zach Wright

“I could not be more grateful for my time as an Athletic Training Student at Mizzou. I was given amazing learning opportunities in the clinic and classroom as well as exposure to college athletics at one of the most elite conferences in the country. However, as a current graduate student looking back on my undergraduate career, I am most thankful for the people I met through this program. Our faculty always worked to prepare us to take our next step while simultaneously being a place for us to turn to when we had questions about school or just life in general. Finally, I met my best friends along the way who ultimately became more like family as we bonded over our crazy schedules and our love for athletic training. These irreplaceable memories are why I am so thankful for MU ATP.” -Taylor Nolan

“I am incredibly grateful for the experience I had as a student in the ATP. I gained the knowledge and experience to excel in my time thus far as a Graduate Assistant. One of the most valuable aspects is the lifelong relationships that I built along the way with my classmates, preceptors and program staff. I would not be the Athletic Trainer I am without my support from Mizzou!” -Emily Hotchkiss

“I am most thankful for Mizzou’s Atheltic Training Program for continuously being supportive and making me feel at home.”  -Amanda Gubbels

“I am thankful for my experience at Mizzou because of the diversity in clinical settings. This experience has widened my job search and allowed me to be confident in any setting.” -Allison Oyler