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Beal Elected to Serve on MU Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council Elections are in and your new representatives for 2016-2017 are:


  • Sean Brown, Campus Dining Services (elected for 2nd term)


  • Elizabeth Beal, Department of Physical Therapy (elected for 1st term)
  • Dayla Botts, Student Affairs Business Center (elected for 2nd term)


  • Jan Judy-March, Biochemistry (unopposed for 2nd term)


  • Tim Sallee, Facility Operations (elected for 1st term)

They will join current MU Staff Council members – Duff Bergendahl, Rebecca Bergfield, Tammy Browning, Carol Heffner, Eric Henley, Melissa Ingram, Christa Keers, Chrissy Kintner, Julie Loftin, Steve Stockman, and Rachel Waggoner – to help make 2016-2017 a great year for MU Staff!

The 2016-2017 Executive Committee will be: Chrissy Kintner – Chair, Sean Brown – Vice Chair, and Dayla Botts – Secretary/Treasurer.

We want to thank all of the candidates and all of the staff who participated in this election.

Congratulations, and welcome, to your new representatives!

For more information on the MU Staff Advisory Council, please contact our office at 882-4269 or visit the Council’s Webpage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.